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Key Features
  • Storing and Organizing
    Documents are stored in a filing structure similar to traditional paper filing system which has the Cabinet-Drawer-Folder hierarchy with folder divider tabs. This allows your documents filing practice or coding system to be immediately re-deployed to D.M.S. Now you don’t have to print and pack all those papers in boxes again!
  • Document Categorizing and Indexing
    During document filing, you can add meaningful titles, notes, values, dates, and categorize it from a pre-defined document category list with index keys. Later on, these meaningful titles and notes can be used to quickly search for doucments or group documents. You can even assign a date as a reminder purposes.
  • Fast Document Retrieval
    Documents can be rapidly retrieved either through the cabinet-drawer-folder hierarchical path or using search based on document indexing information such title, category, index keys, dates, or notes text. Searched documents will be listed together even though they may be originally filed in different folders. Retrieved documents can be opened in their associated program, image files can be easily be printed, faxed or emailed.
  • Permanent Archive
    The whole set of documents repository can be easily cloned for backup, or transferred to CD or DVD for permanent and off-site archives.
  • Document Access Control
    D.M.S has built-in a simple and effective user access control for restricting access to the cabinet/drawer/folder structure by individual users or user groups.
  • Document Network Sharing
    Documents can be instantly made sharable to other users connected by networking computers. This allows your documents to be accessed concurrently by multiple users. Network operation has locking mechanism for document or record update.
  • Easy Set Up
    D.M.S is very easy to set up and operate, in an hour or two you can start filing and organizing your documents. For a small group of users, it can run in multi-user operation just using peer-to-peer connected computers, it is not necessary to use a dedicated file server.

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    Storing & Organizing
    Document Categorizing & Indexing
    Fast Document Retrieval
    Permanent Archive
    Document Access Control
    Document & Network Sharing

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