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Key Module of U.M.S

Registration and Marketing Module   Student Management Module
Student life cycle starts from registration and marketing module, this module helps the university to stream line the student enrollment and other related activities. Fully automated processes helps staff members to manage huge application capacities quickly and creatively, students can get a quick and efficient feedback.

Module includes:

  • Scheduling aptitude test to categorized students
  • Generating notification letters (based on pre defined format)
  • Equivalency determination
  • Checking for pre requisites for different courses
  • Managing student information
Student management module handles activities related to  the  students, who are enrolled for courses in the university. University students can access the student management module through the student portal.

Module includes:

  • Student tracking
  • Complaints
  • Compliments
  • Suggestions
  • Student tracking
  • Attendance
  • Progression
  • Behavior
  • Student payment tracking
  • Lecture and staff evaluation
Resource Management Module Exam and Grading Module



Resource management module automates the resource management and scheduling of limited resources available within the university. This module helps to manage clashes and manage resources efficiently, which will ultimately help the university to reduce cost. Functionality of this module can be assigned to separate departments to control or process the automated pre-defined rules and procedures.

Module includes:

  • Managing lecture room and equipment information
  • Online booking system for authorized personals
  • Managing resource information and maintain information
  • Graphical representation on resource allocation
  • Cancel on line requests and swap room

The exam and grading module handles examination aspects of higher education institutes, including mid semester assignments and projects. This module automates the exam and grading functions, authorized personals can assign values for variables and create customized rules (E.g. Students must score 60% for assignments and 40% for final exam to be eligible to pass the subject.
Module includes:

  • Managing continuous assignment marks and project results
  • Creating examination schedules
  • Resource allocation for exams
  • Venue and invigilator allocation
  • Publishing grades after authorization process
  • Finalizing grades
V-Portal (e-student portal) Module  
Graduation Module

Communication gateway between university and students, the student portal is an internet based application where students can access services provided by other modules in V-UMS such as V-Finance, V-Library, V-Mail, etc..

Module includes:

  • University Announcements
  • News
  • Events
  • Viewing personal information
  • Payments
  • Timetables
  • Course related activities and special programs
  • Accessing library and course information
  • Placement and graduate job bank
  • Discussion boards

The graduation module handles procedures related to student graduation, and the module can be customized accordingly to  meet university requirements. Universities follow different systems of processes and different methods on issuing certificates. Graduation module de-registers students from the university life cycle, and the university is able to cross check with the finance and library modules for any overdue payments. Event management sub modules are available for organizing committee s for cross references and checking up.

Module includes:

  • Sending invitations
  • Allocate resources for graduation ceremony
  • Finalizing graduation list
  • Approval in different levels
  • Cross checks for due payments
International Student Administration Module  
Alumni Module

University follows different procedures when it comes to international students, this may differ from country to country. Module helps to predefine separate business processors and manage them accordingly. As an instance module is capable of communicating with different modules and reserve accommodation for international students in advance.

Module includes:

  • Maintaining country managers and agents
  • Managing requests for visa approvals
  • International student inquiry follow up
  • Conducting placement examinations
  • Preparing international student fee structure and sponsorship tracking

Alumni module helps past students to keep track of university functions and activities, as well as communicate with other alumni members, current students and lecturers.

Module includes:

  • Registering and managing alumni records
  • News and event updates
  • University news feeds
  • Maintain groups and networks
  • Job bank powered by university
Benefits of U.M.S

  • User friendly, browser based
  • Create a paperless environment
  • Easy maintenance of transaction log
  • Efficient record searching and efficient feedback
  • Automated notification process for students and staff
  • Improve student satisfaction
  • Single Sign-on for students to access university resources
  • Accurate information access for students
  • Improve communication across university
  • Easy to deliver updates to students
  • Drill down and Tree View query support
  • Efficient notification process
  • Improve student satisfaction
  • Fast track application processing
  • Non centralized registration process
  • Handle international students efficiently
  • Efficient communication with overseas managers and agents
  • Centralized marketing and branch management solution
  • Fast track feedback for international students
For further details on this product, please do contact MC Adventura. We shall be glad to further present to you the features of this system, and the benefits that will arise from implementing such systems like this, and how it would help to manage and develop the growth of your institution.

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